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We understand tax preparation and assist with planning, to help you save money and pay less.

Individual Taxes

At Walt Tax , we understand tax laws are complex, change constantaly, and can be confusing. We take the pressure off, with our experience, and knowledge in preparing tax returns accurately.

We are skilled in preparing federal and state taxes the right way, and address all related tax services for all individuals.

At Walt Tax, we eliminate the frustration of figuring out your taxes.

At Walt Tax , we eliminate the frustration of figuring out your taxes. We are experienced with preparing tax returns for individuals, and can assist with tax related services.

We ensure you get your taxes filed on time. Though we advice to file your taxes on time, if need be, we will file an extension. At Walt Tax , we explain the consequences of not filing on time, penalities, and every aspect in relation to filing late.

We provide assurance to our clients in understanding tax lingo, and compliance requirements. Removing the stress and confusion of preparing your taxes.