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We understand tax preparation and assist with planning, to help you save money and pay less.

Our Mission...

To provide tax services at the highest professional level with a friendly and personable touch, while delivering maximum tax benefits to our clients.

At Walt Tax , we are more than a tax services firm that serves Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area. We are focused on establishing and building client relationships that are based upon high quality tax planning, tax preparation, and tax resolution services at a reasonable price.

The service that we provide is necessary and critical to the lives of our customers. It is our responsibility to provide the utmost privacy and treat all our customers with the utmost courtesy and respect.

We will do our best to provide you the maximum tax benefit allowable by law. In addition to tax services, we also offer a series of financial services instruments to assist individuals, small business and corporate business owners. Overall, our goal is to ensure that each client receives services that address their needs.

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We’re - idealists and strategic thinkers.

Over twenty years of tax preparation experience

Tax Services

Individual Taxes

Tax laws and regulations are very complex. We have experience in preparing tax returns for individuals, making sure you are in compliance with the law.

Filing Taxes

Taxpayers should always file their tax returns on time. However, circumstances occur, and we will file an extension and submit the required paperwork.

Business Taxes

Whether a small business, C-Corp, S-Corp, or LLC, we are skilled in preparing federal and state tax returns.

Maximum Refunds

We will discuss your personal itemized deductions and business expenses (if applicable) to help you with receiving the max for your tax refund.

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